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  • With this Chase Fitness Adjustable AND Foldable bench you are destined to have amazing workouts, despite being foldable this bench is still extremely sturdy and has passed thousands of weight tests, being able to withstand 250kg. Perfect for at home workouts where storage could be an issue with other non-foldable benches. The heavy-duty nature of this product would also make it great for gym classes.

    Designed with 6 back positions & 4 seat positions for ultimate precision when lifting, allowing you to target specific muscles better than just standing alone or sitting on a chair with a straight back. Comfort is also key with this bench, it is filled with 4.6cm of soft foam and its made of high quality leather.

    An overall great bench for beginner or intermediate lifters.

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  • A sturdy bench with 6 levels of incline and 1 decline level, making it perfect for any weightlifting session but also for abdominal workouts, such as sit ups. The lever under the seat allows you to fold the feet back and collapse the bench so its fully flat – super convenient for at home where you could be short for space, or even in commercial gym studio classes!

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  • Diversify your workout with the Chase Fitness Adjustable bench. The 7 different settings allow you to choose from a range of different  angles, from 85 degrees all the way down to a -20 degree decline to provide some challenging core workouts. A range of seat settings also ensure you have the optimal setup for other exercises too, such as; incline chest press, shoulder press and split squats. This bench has been designed to be a solid piece of kit for any home or commercial gym and with its 2.5″ padding its going to provide maximum comfort, keeping you focused on making those all important gains.

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